Peak period of sharehouse market


Peak period of sharehouse market

  • Availability rate of sharehouses varies depending on seasons

One thing you should know when looking for a sharehouse in Japan is peak season. It may sound a little strange if you are from overseas, but there is peak and off-peak season in Japanese real estate industry. It is safer to avoid peak season if possible. But if you are not able to do so, there are a few helpful tips to remember.

When to start sharehouse hunting? Knowing peak/off-peak is crucial to find best one

  • ”Timing is everything!” applies to sharehouse hunting

Have you ever experienced a difficulty to find a sharehouse in Japan before? If yes, it might have been due to peak period of real estate industry. Sharehouses do not fall into the category of properties that real estate agents deal with in their course of business. However, in peak season of real estate market, a huge number of people move all over Japan and it significantly affects the sharehouse market as well. If you start sharehouse hunting in the middle of peak season without knowing it, you may end up frustrated with low availabilities of properties. So, here are some tips you can use when finding a sharehouse in Japan.

February and March is the peak season for rental properties in Japan

  • April is the season of moving-house in Japan

February and March is peak season of Japanese real estate industry. It may sound funny that there is peak and off-peak to find a rental property. This is deeply linked to the year cycle that Japanese educational institutions and corporate entities have been adopted for long. There are two major factors that increase the demands in rental properties.


1.University and college new students

  • School year starts in April

In Japan, all primary schools, junior high schools and high schools start a new year in April as well as universities and colleges. Students generally live with their parents or guardians during primary to high school, but many of them choose to live in other city to study at a university or college. Accordingly, the demands in students’ apartments and sharehouses soar before April.


2.New employees and transferred workers

  • Personnel changes come into effect in April

Japanese corporations are keen to employ new graduates of universities and colleges. Companies actively conduct a recruitment campaign every year, and new graduates who had job offers join the company all at the same time in April. This hardly happens in other countries, especially in western countries, the demands for rental properties from new employees shoot up before April. Moreover, a number of corporate employees move house in February and March because personnel changes of Japanese companies often come into effect on the first day of April.

July – August is new peak season

  • Recent change generated by globalization

In addition to the previously mentioned February – March peak time, July and August have been a new peak time for a few years. This is because more Japanese colleges, universities and companies have started adopting a new schedule starting September in recent years. Those entities are making a strong effort to take international students or graduates to cultivate human resources with a global viewpoint. Most of educational institutions in U.S, Canada or Europe start a new year in September, therefore it is the best timing to take international students or new graduates. Accordingly, more and more universities and companies are taking new entrants and employees in September. The demands for rental properties, especially share-house, increases in July and August while international students, new graduates and Japanese students returning from overseas look for a place to live in Japan.

Sharehouse hunting tips

  • Be prepared for inspection

As can be easily imagined, finding a sharehouse in peak season is a hard task. It would be best if you could avoid it, but sometimes you just can’t choose. At such time, refer to house share hunting tips below.


1.Narrow the wish list

  • Specify what you want in details

Rent, location, facility… list up what you want for a future house and prioritize them to pick up properties efficiently.

2.Make inquiries to collect information beforehand

  • Minimize the number of inspections

Asking as many questions as you want at inspection is okay if it is off-peak time. But if you are trying to find a sharehouse during peak season, timing is everything. Make inquiries beforehand to eliminate as many unclear points as possible before inspection so that you can make a decision on site. Try to inspect only properties you really need to see.


3.Make a decision before peak season ends

  • Keep the deadline in your mind

Last half of March and August is the end of peak season. By these times, most of vacancies are filled and everyone start moving in new places. Plan well to decide on sharehouse by these periods.

Quick decision is crucial in peak season

  • Decide at once if you really like it

Yes, it is true that the demands for sharehouses soar in the peak time, but that also means there are many people who move out from their rental home. The vital thing is to decide at once when you see the place you really like. To find the best sharehouse for yourself, do your homework carefully before you inspect a house.


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