Sharehouse hot spots in Japan


Sharehouse hot spots in Japan

  • Tokyo and Osaka, the two most popular cities

In Japan, Tokyo and Osaka have the highest demand for sharehouses. Both cities are densely populated center bases of business and culture of Japan which have high volume of population transfer. These two cities accordingly have the largest supply of share-houses. So, in what areas share-houses are most demanded?

Areas where sharehouses are most demanded

  • Tips for sharehouse first timers

When finding a place to live in Japan, the first things come into your mind are rent and location. As for locations, the most demanded areas for sharehouses are Tokyo and Osaka, the two center bases of business and culture of Japan. Japanese sharehouse market has been rapidly growing in these cities for the past several years for that reason. But picking a right area for yourself is a hard task as there are numerous sharehouses in the largest cities in Japan. If you are having difficulties to decide on area, you may need to quickly gather information about suburbs of these cities.

Hot suburbs in Tokyo

  • The most popular suburbs in the top favored city Tokyo

Tokyo is the very center of politics, economics and cultures of Japan, and the most favored city for both Japanese and non-Japanese. As can be easily guessed, rent prices in this city are distinctively high compare to other cities. Therefore, there are some differences in the popularity of suburbs between ordinary rental properties and sharehouses which are budget options.



Shijuku and Minato city

  • Check posh neighborhood a little off busy shopping street

Multi-faceted Shinjuku city where the largest night-life district, foreigners’ favorite Minato city where Roppongi and Nishi-azabu are located. These areas are generally known as entertainment districts, but there also are attractive high-class residential areas. As a matter of course, the rent prices in these areas are expensive. Therefore share-houses are highly demanded for rather cheap accommodation fees.


Shibuya and Meguro city

  • Best areas for youngsters

Tokyo’s fashion central Shibuya, Harajuku and the accomplished part of the city Ebisu in Shibuya city, fashionistas’ favorite Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro in Minato city. These two cities are well known as expensive part of Tokyo and you normally have to pay a fortune for renting an apartment room in this area. However, the rent you have to pay would be less than half of apartments if you choose a sharehouse to live in. These are extremely demanded areas for sharehouses for the locations.


Setagaya city

  • Ideal neighborhood for all generations

Setagaya city is well known for good quality of living with many of neat residential areas. There are many universities and apartments for students. Also, unique cultures in suburbs like Shimo-kitazawa attract many Japanese and non-Japanese residents.


Most favored areas in Osaka

  • Best location close to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe

In the second largest city of Japan Osaka, the demands for sharehouses tend to focus on the central part of the city. These areas have a great access to Osaka’s city center and surrounding areas such as Kyoto and Hyogo. There are some more popular spots around Osaka city as well.


Kita ward and Chuo ward

  • This is THE Osaka, the center of Osaka culture

Kita ward, where Osaka station and Umeda, one of the largest shopping district of Japan, are located. Chuo ward has Nanba and Shinsaibashi, the center of Osaka culture and Senba where the spirits of Osaka merchants still remain. These areas have been the center of transports, culture and business of Osaka that have great access to surrounding cities. The lively air of entertainment districts is tempting, but you may need to give careful consideration to public safety of the area. These are high-property-price areas but still cheaper compare to central areas of Tokyo.


Tennoji ward

  • Attractive city with two sides

While a lively business district and entertainment streets gather in the south, quiet residential areas in the north of the city shows totally different side of the area. Northern part of Tennoji ward is safe and quiet area with a few well-known private institutions and earning huge popularity. The rent prices are more expensive than other part of Osaka city, but it is a good place for people who prefer a quiet surrounding.


Hokusetsu area

  • Hugely favored commuter towns of Osaka city

Hokusetsu area locating on the north side of Osaka city consists of Yodogawa ward, Higashi-Yodogawa ward and Nishi-Yodogawa ward of Osaka city, Toyonaka city, Suita city, Ikeda city, Minoh city, Ibaraki city, Settsu city and Takatsuki city. This area is very popular for good public safety and handy access to the central part of Osaka city. The seven cities other than Osaka city have been developed as commuter towns of Osaka and many transferred workers’ families and students reside in this area. There are a few elite residential suburbs that raise the average prices of rental properties, therefore living in a share-house is a great method to control your living expenses.

Inner-city districts are the most popular areas for sharehouses

  • Live in your dream suburb with affordable rent

The largest advantage of sharing a house is that you can save on household expenses. You can live in a gorgeous apartment in an inner-city area by sharing a flat with the others with budget rent prices. People tend to choose a suburb a little away from the center of a city for ordinary rental property, the hottest areas for share-houses are always inner-city districts where you can enjoy handy and comfortable life with plenty of shops and public transports.


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